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order i▓s 8,848 meters above sea level, the highest in the world. T▓he Tibetan

areas are crisscrossed by rivers a▓nd dotted with lakes.Animal husbandry is the main

occupat▓ion in Tibet where there are vast expanses of ▓grasslands and ric

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h sources of water. The Tibetan sheep, goa▓t, yak and pien cattle are native to the Qinghai-Tibet ▓Plateau. The yak is a big

and long-haired anim▓a

l, capable of with-standing harsh w▓eather and carrying heavy loads. Known as the "Boat on the P▓lateau," the yak is a major m

eans of trans▓port as w

ell as a source of meat. The pien cattle, a crossbreed of bull and yak, is the b▓est draught animal and milk producer. In ▓farming, the fast ripening and cold- and d▓rought-resistant qingke,

beverages was

a kind of highland barley,▓ is the main crop. Other crops include wheat, pea, buckwheat and broad bean. In the warme▓r

places in the river valleys, there are rape, potat▓o, turnip, apple and walnut. People also grow rice and c▓otton in river valleys in southern Tibet where t▓he weather is very warm.The dense forests in

the Tibetan areas provide shelter for many precious animal▓s such as sunbird, vulture, giant p▓anda, golden-haired monkey, black leaf monkey, bear an▓d e

rmine. The forests also produce precious medicines